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Financial Blogs and Channels

Here's what I'm reading and watching on a variety of subjects! 

Millennial Revolution -  My favorite financial blog.  Extremely well written and focused on Financial Independence and Retiring Early (FIRE).                                   They have tons of great information and tools to help you reach your financial goals. They retired at 31 and travel 

                                 all over the place after growing up poor.

Vagabond Finance - Mark runs a good shop, and has a lot of fantastic information about taxes for non-profit Americans overseas. 

Andrew Hallam's Blog - The man himself! The author of Millionaire Teacher and Millionaire Expat and the man who started me on this                                            journey.  Andrew does a GREAT job of making complicated issues easy to understand.  

JL Collins Blog - One of the first people to start the modern Financial Independence movement, and a great author. What started as a series                        of letters to his daughter to teach her financial literacy became a blog and book, The Simple Path to  Wealth

The Mad Fientist - Another great writer and a scientist who uses the scientific method to maximize his happiness and financial success. 

Financial Panther  - A great site for side hustles and philosophy of FI. 

Go Curry Cracker - A classic FI blog for those who want to Retire Early and Travel the world forever! 

Mrs. Frugalwoods - If you want to see how and why to save a bunch of money and go live the simple life, she's your woman! 

Mr. Money Mustache - One of the first popular FI Blogs and it has a lot of good tips and philosophy to throw at you.  

Rockstar Finance -  A repository of many, many finance blogs.  Great for searching out new information or podcasts. 

Teaching Blogs

None yet, but open to suggestions! 

Photography and Other Passions

Robin Wong - An amazing site for reviews and photographs, especially if you're into Olympus or Micro 4/3 cameras.

Strobist - Learn how to use off camera flash.  His Lighting 102 series totally changed how I think about light and lighting. If you want to                learn how to light, but are scared of it, this is the place.  

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