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Best Blog Day EVER!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Notice anything about that first featured article?

This afternoon I got a message from my blog, saying how much this nice lady named Sarah liked my post about Consumerism, and how it's a cult. That was very sweet of her, but one of the details in the message caused my heart rate to elevate. She said she had seen it in Rockstar Finance. Which meant my little blog had been featured in frigging ROCKSTAR FINANCE!!!!!!

For those who don't know, Rockstar Finance is a Financial Independence blog aggregator of over 1400 FI blogs that gets tons of posts submitted to it, and then publishes the 4 or 5 they like best each day. I've seen Mr. Money Mustache, Frugalwoods, and other HUGE names that I look up to immensely on there. I've even submitted a couple articles to them for review, but before today, hadn't made the cut. Which is fine; I'm still new at this, and have a lot to learn.

But seeing my article in there, right at the tippy top BLEW MY LITTLE MIND! Especially because I had worked hard at that article. I had thought it out for three weeks. I did solid research. I planned the organization carefully. The title went through 4 different iterations. The fact that it was chosen is so extremely validating. I started shouting and dancing immediately.

like this, but with more whooping

But this was just the first of three incredible things to happen today! About an hour later, I got another message on my blog. This nice person said he had seen my blog on The National. For those of you not in the UAE, The National is the biggest English language newspaper in the country. And they published a whole FEATURE about me. It's got pictures and everything!!!

I thought this was coming out tomorrow, but they were so on the ball there that they got it out a day early! Thanks so much to Alice Haine and Ann Marie McQueen for making the article happen, and the super professional Reem Mohammed for great photography. A special Thanks to Ann Marie for taking my incoherent ramblings and making sense out of them!

So if you want to read it (and you should, it's already been shared more times than any other article I can find on their Money section) Click Here!

I think they did a great job, and I'm incredibly flattered that they chose me as their subject. I hope it drives people here, or to other sources where they can get the financial information they need.

But Wait! We're NOT DONE!

I got yet another message to my blog. It was a lovely message from none other than the grandfather of Financial Independence, JL Collins!!!! The author of a book I love, "The Simple Path To Wealth", which I cannot recommend enough. He also has one of the most respected blogs in the sphere jlcollinsnh, which has been putting out great information that has helped countless people reach their financial goals since 2011.

HE SENT ME A MESSAGE! AND HE LIKED MY POST! AND HE'S REALLY NICE! I swear to God I nearly fainted right on my couch. There was more dancing. And more yelling. And general exuberance.

All in all, the best blog day EVER!

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