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I Hit FIRE! Net Worth / Savings Update: October 2019

the shape of progress

I've come a long way, baby! As of October 27, 2019, my net worth crossed the $170,000 mark! From last October, that's up like $56,000 in just one year. From last quarter, it's up $12,500. The rate of increase from year to year is also going up!

My little green employees (my money that's invested) keeps working hard for me, giving me dividends and increasing in value, which compounds to give me even more employees!

In terms of savings this month, it was just "meh". I had a 55% savings rate and saved around $3,000. I paid for my flight to China for Christmas break, so that put a dent in things, plus I had a week of "staycation" here in Dubai as well. I also didn't get paid some money I thought I would get from my side hustles, so that's why it was a bit lower than previous months. I'm a little disappointed in myself, but in the end, it's ok! The processes are in place, although this month I'll probably have high expenses as well, as I have to re-register and insure my car for the year.

On a more interesting note, I determined that I hit my FIRE number! In previous months, I calculated FI based on a comfortable, but not crazy amount of spending in Thailand of $750 a month, what I was calling South East Asia FIRE. That put my total portfolio needed, according to the 4% rule, at $225,000.

Then, I re-thought this, in the context of LeanFIRE. LeanFIRE is the idea of what's the lowest you can spend and still be... safe. When I lived in Thailand (granted, it's been a few years), I lived fairly well on around $500 a month. I traveled, I went out to eat, I bought clothes, I drank.

little baby happiest teacher!

I enjoyed the crap out of life, for $500 a month. This is my ThailandLeanFIRE number. And, drum-roll please..... if I calculate my monthly spend using the 4% rule right now, I can spend $570 a month!!!!

I did it, people, I hit FIRE! I could technically never work again!

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