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I Was Featured In The National Newspaper!!!!!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I'm in there!!!

About a month ago, I was contacted by two reporters from "The National" which is the biggest English Daily Newspaper here in the UAE. They had seen my post about saving money by not eating out or ordering food for the month of May and wanted to talk to me about a few things. Alice Haine and Suzanne Locke were extremely professional and it was a joy communicating with them, they really do want to try to help people, especially Millennials, get a handle on their finances.

A few days ago, just as they promised, Suzanne Locke published a great piece which featured notes from their correspondence with me, and this very blog! Several other great blogs were also featured, and you should totally check them out. I was honored and pleasantly surprised to be the only one based here in the UAE!

So, thank you to Alice and Suzanne, I definitely look forward to any future joint efforts. To get any publicity after only doing this for 4 months is a real joy, and to have it be in such a respected venue as "The National" is pretty much blowing my mind.

And thank you to you, dear reader! How ever you got here, I am very happy to have your eyes, and I hope I can make something here that helps people and gives them value and maybe a smile from time to time.

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