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Net Worth/Savings Update: February 2020

still going in the right direction!

This has been a great quarter for my net worth! All told, it went up around $20,000 since the last time I checked in at the end of October. I'm within spitting distance of $200,000. Another good stock market month and another paycheck should see me cross that line. It's pretty crazy, but the first $100K took me 34 years, and the second could take me at little as 27 MONTHS. It really shows you how your money starts working for you once there's enough to get you a push down the hill! A giant bull market certainly doesn't hurt!

And in those 3 months, my savings were pretty good, saving over $11,300, averaging $3,776 a month. The other $8,700 came from the stock market going up and dividends. Free money!

My LeanSEAFire keeps getting a bit less lean. That works great for me. I'm starting to get a bit worried about my job for next year if China keeps being shut down with the coronavirus. But you know what makes job uncertainty a lot easier to handle? Knowing that if I needed to, I could afford (barely) to never work again. That sounds pretty great to me!

So, I'm going to live it up a bit more, loosen the purse strings and all that. In March I'm going to Greece for 2 weeks to island hop with my mom. We also booked our cruise to Denmark, Norway, Scotland, and Iceland for this summer. My travel budget is increasing because, well, I can afford it. I figure I won't always have these opportunities to travel with my mom, as she's getting older, so I might as well enjoy them.

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