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Net Worth Update: October 25, 2020- Still Climbing?

The world is on fire and I keep making money. After many months of anticipation, I'm actually in China!!!! In 4 days I will be out of my 2 week quarantine if I get the final "you-don't-have-COVID" test result (bring it, you nasal swabbing bastards!). Then, life in plague free Shenzen awaits, and I couldn't be more excited. I'll do a full life update later, but I already have an apartment arranged and friends on the ground, as well as an amazing girlfriend who I haven't seen in far too long.

The pandemic keeps grinding on, and it's kind of just become the new Normal. Trump got it and survived. The people I know who have had it also have all survived with very minimal to no lasting effects. I'm continuing to try to stay healthy by having a clean diet and exercising, even in my quarantine hotel room. You should go take some Vitamin D supplements.

In terms of money for this quarter, my Net Worth continued to rise. It's up to $232,000, with a positive change of nearly $17,000 in 3 months. My cash reserves are doing well, at around $35,000. This year I've invested $38,000 so far, and I'll put in more at the beginning of November. I'm feeling more confident now that I'm actually in China and my job seems to be a real thing that has actually paid me several times now. I've decided to keep about $20,000 in cash on hand instead of my previous $9,000 that I used to do.

I can't think of any special lessons from this quarter. Minimize your bad habits, don't spend money if you don't need to, things won't make you happy. A global pandemic is great for saving if you still have a job, as there's less to spend on.

In an un-frugal turn, I'm really looking forward to outfitting my new life in China and actually, you know, DOING THINGS! I want to make my apartment a calm oasis of Zen, I want to hang out with people and explore the city, I want to get a little electric kick scooter to zip around a new home. I'm very excited to live a normal life again.

That's about all for this update, sorry if nothing groundbreaking was said. I'm just happy to be out of Dubai so I can start my new life. Nothing against Dubai, it was great and I will always love it, but I need something new. Fortunately, I'm going into China in the best shape of my financial life, and I should be able to keep extending that if things don't completely blow up (which they totally could). Take care, fair readers.

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