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No Booze March: A New Experiment

March can be a lethal month, just ask Julius Caesar, who did not properly beware its Ides. Death has been on my mind a lot, since the passing of my friend on Thanksgiving. When someone your age (35), dies of a heart attack, it makes the possibility of your own proximate death all the more real. So, precautions must be taken.

I have not led the healthiest life for the last decade. Exercise has been sporadic. Nutrition has not been a priority. My couch and Netflix take up far too much of my day. It always seemed like an issue I could deal with in the future. Jay's death was a wake up call that if I didn't change my ways, there may not be a future in which I can change the behavior.

So, changes have been implemented. I'm eating more salads. I'm tracking my exercise. I've even taken up yoga (but please don't ask me to do a downward dog, I am still terrible!). I'm also going to take advantage of another trend in my life, I've been drinking less alcohol.

As I've gotten older, I have been happier and happier with my own sobriety. It helps that drinking is stupidly expensive in Dubai. It also helps that going out to clubs seems about as appealing as licking a foot with a puss-filled wound. I find that I sleep more soundly when I don't drink as well, and wake up more refreshed. I was never an alcoholic or anything, but I have indeed enjoyed a tipple or two in my time. Lately, though, I just haven't enjoyed it, so I've been doing it less.

That is what is inspiring this month's experiment! I'm going to see if I can go the entire month of March without a single drink. Honestly, I'm looking forward to it. I don't even think it will be that hard, especially in a Muslim country where there are always good drink alternatives at every restaurant. I'm sure it will keep me from spending more money as well.

I don't know if I'll notice any other benefits, but I'll be sure to check back in later to see how this goes.

Do you want to join me? I'd love to have company!

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