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Savings Journey: April 2018

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Gotta get that Eating Out portion down!

April was a good month for saving. The only "unexpected" cost was I paid about $300 more for my flights this summer than my travel allowance. I wanted direct flights... That's not very frugal, in the Mr. Money Mustache sense, but if I don't have to have a 6 hour layover in Moscow, that has definite value to me! The 16 hour flight from Dubai to LA is already long enough!

I had a good amount of income from music this month, and my spending was in line with what I try to keep, so I saved 60% of my income, about $2880. For 2018 that puts me around $9700 saved, which is more than I expected at this point.

May should have lots of music income, and I don't know of any big upcoming costs. June will be rough because they raised my rent, and I'm going over my housing allowance, and that difference will come out of my June savings. In preparation, I'm going to try to save more in May by cooking every day instead of eating out and ordering food so often. I did a big grocery shop yesterday, but hopefully that will cut the biggest expense way down, even if it brings the grocery category up.

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