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Savings Journey: August 2018 THE END!

the circle of success!

Teachers and students divide their years up differently than other people. Our year starts, generally, in September, and ends, really, in June. July and August are Summer Fun months, a chronological limbo allowing us to recharge our brains and bodies. As a teacher, that's why I divide my savings year the same way, starting in September and ending in August of the next year.

At the end of this savings year, I am glad to say that I met and surpassed my goal! $20,000 has come and gone, and the final total for this period is .... drum roll please!

imagine a drum roll sound! It's loud!

$22,200! I surpassed my first goal of $15,000 and my second goal of $20,000 with plenty to spare. I was even able to put the extra cost of my increased rent in this year's spending, giving me a leg up for next year's savings target of $25,000. I got a raise, and have the potential to have a couple good side gigs with the band and corporate photography, so I think that's a totally reasonable savings goal.

In terms of investing, I had planned on investing $20,000 but I will actually be able to invest around $29,000 once my money transfers to my brokerage account and I can start my REIT experiment. Some of that was just from getting my asset allocation correct, so I can't take credit for that from just my savings. This investing year (which I start in January, because reasons!) I also plan on putting in at least $20,000.

In terms of which months were better for savings, I made a chart! Yay data!

It tales the tale of goals met!

As you can see, August was the least saved, but like I said, I put in the rest of what I owe for rent above my housing allowance in this month. I only "saved" 1200 AED, a piddling 8%, but it's all good because I hit my goal!

I just need to make sure lifestyle creep doesn't eat up my raise, and I can plow the extra money into my portfolio. I don't see why I would succumb to that, but I will stay vigilant.

Until next time, dear readers! As always, comment below and join my email list for more updates!

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