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Savings Journey: July 2018

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

As previously discussed, I hit my savings goal for the school year last month, and even went past it. I had planned on not saving anything in July and August, to give my summer vacation the most choices, so anything I saved this month and next are pure gravy.

This summer I've been traveling around California with my mom and brother, road tripping through beautiful scenery and getting good quality family time. I also spent two weeks in Memphis with my dad and girlfriend and a few old friends from High School and College.

where we stayed in Oceanside

There are so many beautiful places here and interesting things to see, and I don't want to pass up memories with family. I've been less frugal, but I regret nothing!

Scripps Aquarium

Fortunately, I was able to still save money! Even if it wasn't as much as I usually do, I saved over 3,700 AED, right around $1,000. This was about 26% of my salary.

OK, off to play air hockey with my brother.

Have a great summer!

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