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Savings Journey: March 2018

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

A double punch to the wallet this month in terms of my ability to save :( In the "unexpected purchases" category, my TV died. That wasn't cool, TV! The shop that I got it fixed at the last time stopped answering calls, and that was the only place in Dubai that handled that brand... so, a new TV it was!

Also, it's Spring Break, and my dad is here, which is awesome! But it also means going and doing a lot of touristy stuff and expensive restaurants and all that. So with all that combined, my amount saved was the lowest of 2018, at 41%, around $1660.

Not great, but not totally terrible either. These unexpected purchases have really screwed with my goals this year. I had to get a car, a phone, a computer, and now a TV since the school year started. If that trend could stop now, I'd be pretty happy about it! I'm glad I was still able to save, using my trusty daily spending targets, but let's just hope the unforeseen major expenses stop now!

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