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Savings Journey: May 2018

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Why so blue?

May was an odd month for spending and saving, just weird in many ways. The biggest difference was I paid half my rent for next year, and as my rent has gone up significantly, and it's now over my housing allowance. I took the "overage" hit this month, which is why the blue segment is in the pie chart of 44%.

The good news was that I was still able to save $2400 this month, or 47% of my salary. This was well above my target. The main reason for that was I had a lot of income from music this month, it was 20% of my take home. Thank you Part Time Sinners! The other thing that helped was my "Munchies in May" Experiment, which didn't save me TONS of money, did help a bit as well as teach me some valuable lessons about myself.

I think June should be pretty standard. I won't have much in the way of music income, due to the live music ban during Ramadan here in the UAE, but I don't see any big expenses on the horizon either. We shall see!

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