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Savings Update: April 2019, Summer Paid for

that's a lot of blue!

Remember how last month I went over my savings target for the year and wondered what my money would go towards in the 5 upcoming months of saving? Funny that...

April turned out to be VERY expensive, for one reason.

honk honk!

I paid for my summer experience! I'm going on an Alaska cruise and train ride for two weeks in July! Woot Woot! I've wanted to do this for a while, and am quite happy to share this experience with my mom. And I paid for it now, well, in April. That was $2,750 well spent, in my book. I also bought all my plane tickets for the summer, another $1,800.

I was also on vacation to Georgia (the country, not the state in America) for 9 days of April. So, basically, I spent most my salary on holidays, one way or another.

Even still, I managed to save 2,800 AED, about $760, which was 11% of my salary that month. That's not terrible, considering I basically just made sure that I'd have TONS to spend this summer, and be more likely to save money in July and August. Also, 11% is still way more than most American's save per month (an insane 2%), which is just bizarre to me. I honestly felt nervous that I would spend more than my salary, I didn't like that feeling at ALL!

One cool thing this month. With going vegetarian and batch cooking, I only spent around $250 on food this month! That's groceries, eating out, and work lunches together! I'm liking this vegetarian thing more and more every month!

For May, I can't see any crazy expenses on the horizon, so the savings rate should be one I'm more comfortable with this month, inshallah!

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