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Savings Update January 2019: HIGHEST Savings rate EVER!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

January was strange savings month. I actively tried to spend more, I bought two concert tickets and tried to go out to eat and be more social. And yet! I still had my highest savings rate ever! 73%!!!!😁

For the fourth month in a row I saved over $4000 and so far this school year I've saved over $19,000 when my savings goal for the whole year was only $25,000.

In all honesty I'm not quite sure why my savings rate was so high, but I am not going to stare that money horse in the mouth. If anything, I would ascribe it to batch cooking before the week and not buying clothes or anything for my apartment. I've been on a bit of a minimalism kick and trying to empty my apartment. If this is the consequence of minimalism, call me the next Marie Kondo!

Because of the amount I have saved this semester, I will be able to start the calendar year with a lump sum investment of almost $19,000 which is only $1000 shy of my whole goal for the year. Needless to say, I think I'll surpass that.

Until next time, dear readers!

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