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Savings Update March 2019: We Did It!

I'm thanking you, yes you, for this!

September, 2018 started a new Savings Journey. I set out to save $25,000 (91750 AED) in 12 months. I got lucky with side hustles and a good raise. Lucky like a card counter in Vegas who is addicted to eating four leaf clovers. My savings rates soared between 61% and 76%, and no terrible unseen costs popped up. I rode that pony as far as I could, and in just 7 months, I blew past that $25,000 goal!

In fact, March had the highest savings rate of the year, and probably the highest of my life, at 76%. That's with about $800 of side hustle money to help boost it.

Right now, I'm sitting at right around $27,000 in savings for the school year. I'm $2,000 over my goal, with 5 months to go! That means I'm averaging $3,850 per MONTH of saving.

he had to make a reappearance for this!

So, now what? Stop saving? Pay off my car early? Keep saving and invest the rest? I honestly feel like I've hit my "savings groove" and have a happy, balanced life. I don't feel deprived at all. I could keep this up all day! I'll probably spend a bunch this summer, but, honestly, who cares? I'm going on an Alaska cruise and train ride with my family, and I'll do other cool West Coast stuff, as well.

If you hit your savings goal 5 months early, what would you do?

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