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Tracking Finances: Quarter 2

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Does my system hold up in volatile times?

This Quarter's (January 23, 2018- April 25, 2018) been bumpy! The Market has been down, then back up, then down again! Trump has been peak Trump, with trade wars, porn stars, pee tapes, and god knows what else. I put in a bunch of money for the quarter. The market went down. That's how it goes.

But I was also able to save in February, March, and April. When I look at the numbers for those months, I saved over $6,000.

So the market went down from around 26,000 to around 24,000, I put money into the market in that period, and I saved money. How did all that affect my net worth? It went up! Not by much, only around $2000. Overall, I'm happy, the system works. I know that there will be times, even years, when the market is down. This is the first quarter where I've really be tracking it when it went down, so it's a good exercise in not panicking and seeing that even if the market goes a bit nuts, I can still make progress if I stick to my plan.

The one thing I was disappointed by was that my bond funds also went down along with the stocks. I know that stocks and bonds don't always move in opposite directions, but both stocks and bonds went down in this period, instead of how it's "supposed" to go. What's up with that, bonds!??

Asset Breakdown for April 25, 2018

Slight increase from last quarter

I have to stick to it! Not checking my portfolio but once a quarter is a good strategy to avoid the madness and emotional decision making.

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